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About Mian Grocer

Mian Grocer Inc. first opened its doors to the public in June of 2009 with a set vision to serve the local community with honesty, hard work, and dedication.

We are a family owned business and do our best to be at the forefront of all matters so that we can bring the absolute best prices, quality and service to our valued customers.

With the support of our much appreciated customers, we are now serving the community with 5 retail locations and one warehouse location. We import much of our vegetables and groceries ourselves so that we can provide the best possible prices to you. We also wholesale to restaurants, banquet halls and other small businesses.

We carry both South Asian and some Canadian grocery items. We also carry fresh fruits and vegetables and variety of dairy and frozen items. We also provide long distance services along with everyday kitchen utensils from India and Pakistan.

We work hard to save you money!

The Mian Grocer Inc. management team vows to continue serving our amazing communities with the same work ethics of hard work, honesty and dedication in the future years. We vow to provide you with the best possible quality, prices and service. And once again, are most humbled and grateful to our dear customers for their endless support.

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