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About City Market Produce

The City Market: Windsor’s newest addition is focused on sustaining local business and bringing the community together. Providing a place for Farm Vendors, Prepared Food Vendors, Craft Vendors and Service Providers of all type to come together in a unique atmosphere and enjoy the community, people and the things that our local Windsor/Essex region has to offer. With over 30,000sq/ft of retail space to offer and fully customizable configurations depending on the nature of your requirements we have the ability to facilitate any type of vendor, large and small. Located on one of the busiest corridors in Windsor – Walker Rd. – The City Market’s location is ideal for exposure due to its high traffic volume. Within walking distance of Old Walkerville and a 5 minute drive to Downtown Windsor, The City Market is poised to flourish as “the place to be” when it comes to local sustainable business and products.

We are open 7 days a week, offering ample parking and an easy in & out layout – we have created the recipe for visitors to come and go freely, efficiently, while reducing congestion and providing a comfortable place to visit for all your daily needs.

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